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Bison embellished with premium Mars and Valentine by Myoshin Thurman, Weiss Brooches, & authentic Austrian crystals. This piece sure makes a statement! The renowned designer is Myoshin Thurman, daughter of Margaret Thurman of Echo of the Dreamer. The jewelry is created with beautiful, exotic and rare gemstones and minerals, highly sought after vintage pieces, complimented by meticulously detailed sterling handwork. She creates truly astonishing, one-of-a-kind pieces that withstand the test of time.


Fun fact:

Both bison bulls and cows have horns. The horns are actually a hollow cap which grows over a bone-like core. This black horn cover is really a growth of modified hair protein.


W: 26.5”

L: 26”

H: 9”


Please contact us through email/phone prior to ordering to discuss shipping options.

Buffalo Mars & Valentine

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